TruSens Z-3000 Air purifier with HEPA Filter

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  • The HEPA filter captures 99.99% of airborne viruses including Coronavirus.
  • Comes with a sensor pod which measures pollutants and communicates the results back to the purifier and automatically adjusts the fan speed in response to the sensor pod air quality readings.
  • The pure direct technology splits clean air into two streams and delivers purified air efficiently throughout the room.
  • The built in UV-C lamp destroys the pollutants that are captured by the HEPA filter including 99.99% of airborne coronavirus.
  • The TruSens Z-3000 will deliver two air changes per hour in a classroom up to 70m2
  • TruSens air purifiers removes microscopic particles, airborne viruses, bacteria, dust and gases and more from the rooms they are used in.
  • 360 degree HEPA filter draws in air from all directions and collects all pollutants from the room.
  • The auto mode air quality indicator visually communicates the quality of the air as good, moderate or poor quality in the room.
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