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  • Play and learn magnetic pad in 4 different versions.
  • 380 beads and one stylus with the A5 size, 760 beads and one stylus with the A4 size, Alphabet in capital letters and one stylus in A4 size and numbers 0 to 9 with one stylus in the numeric pad with the plus, minus, multiply, divide and equals symbols in the numeric pad in A4 size.
  • Wonderful teaching aids for maths and teaching the alphabet and how to write.
  • Stylus pulls the beads to the surface to create shapes, words or draw pictures.
  • Run your fingers over the beads and feel the cold smooth beads to get a wonderful sensory touch.
  • Listen to the clicks of the beads to engage the sense of hearing.
  • Turn the stylus on its side and run over the beads to clear the pad again.
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