Jumbo Triangular Cedarwood Colouring Pencil Tray

160.00 excl VAT

  • Tray of 144 Jumbo triangular colouring pencils.
  • Made from high quality FSC natural cedar wood.
  • The colouring is made from vegetable extracts and are glued on two sides to help prevent breakage during sharpening or if they fall.
  • The pencils are in 12 vibrant tones that will easily glide on the paper and give a wonderful finish to your work.
  • The pencils do not have any varnishes on the outside which make them safer if children put the pencils in their mouth.
  • The colouring is always in the exact centre of the pencil which helps to prevent breakage during sharpening.
  • The colours can also be blended to give a wonderful finish to your artwork.

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