Compact Boxes A4

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  • Sold in boxes of 100 – contact the office for pricing.
  • The most compact and accessible system to file away your documents.
  • Using the Compact boxes on shelving will free up 40% of your shelf space.
  • No Shelving requires as the boxes can be stacked 25 high and each box can be opened from the front to retrieve the file inside without moving the box.
  • Comes flat packed and assembles in seconds.
  • Use on their own to archive loose A4 Documents.
  • Use with the Quill D Clip and Backing board to transfer the contents from a lever arch file and archive, this allows you to recycle the lever arch file.
  • When used with the D Clip you can photocopy any page of the file without removing  the sheet you need to copy -fold back the D Clip to extend out and separate the file at the page you want to copy and fold back down again when finished and place back in the compact box again.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Silver.

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The boxes are available in 5 colours, thus allowing you to colour code your archives for easy access.

Quill compact boxes are acid-free, and therefore they are completely safe to archive old manuscripts or fragile paper.

The compact boxes are capable of holding 635lb weight before the sidewalls will break.

The boxes are completely recyclable.

The pictures above demonstrates how easy it is to transfer the contents of a lever arch file to the compact box system and also how easy it is to photocopy the document without removing the paper from the D Clip which allows you to reuse the lever arch file.

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