Balance Bikes

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  • Mini Cruiser – up to 3 years old / Cruiser 3 – 6 years.
  • Lightweight – only 2.2kg / 2.5 kg which is a quarter of the weight of a metal bike which significantly reduces the risk of injury to a child.
  • 3 years warranty on all structural parts (excludes tyres & hand grips)
  • Made from high quality fibreglass reinforced polyamide which is used in highly stressed parts in the automotive industry.
  • Wont rust like a metal bike or swell like a wooden bike when they get wet.
  • Height adjustable seat with shock absorbing seat suspension.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Certified to EN71 (Europe) and ASTM (America & Canada)
  • Replacement parts in stock.
  • Made in Europe.

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Balance Bike Testimonial

We think these bikes are amazing. We are a busy creche and always struggle to find outdoor toys that can stay outside and wont rust. We ordered 6 bikes to try 2 years ago and the children absolutely loved them. They are sturdy and the seat can be easily adjusted for different children. The wheels aren’t plastic so don’t crack and break. They are light and easy to carry around so staff members are dragging them and they are very easy to clean. We loved them so much we currently have 30 bikes which are used constantly. We have them outside and they have never rusted. We have had only three bikes that have had any problems and that was simply from wear and tear and constant use. A wheel bearing went, a seat was changed and a screw we lost was replaced. The Quill team were great. We called them on a Thursday and by Monday they were at our premises and had them all going again with no additional charge.

I couldn’t recommend these bikes enough; they really have been a great addition to our outside area.

Bellview Woods Childcare, Killarney

  • The tyres are made from high quality EVA which is lightweight and low maintenance and they do not require inflation and because they have less traction than inflated tyres they are safer for the younger child and children new to using balance bikes.
  • The bike has a reduced steering angle for added safety unlike some other bikes the handlebars rotate 360 degrees which leads to the child loosing control and fall off the bike.
  • The seat height can be set for the child and the child’s foot should be flat on the ground with the knee slightly bent to give the child more control and stability.
  • The bike is lightweight for added safety and four of our bikes is equivalent to the weight of one metal bike.
  • As the bike is so light in comparison to a metal bike it will not cause injury like a metal bike if it hits off a child when dropped.
  • Easy to carry multiple bikes when you are tidying up at the end of play time.

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